Essentials To Know About Cumin

The harvesting of the cumin seeds is done by hands and to ensure that the plant does not get harmed and also because the seeds are small, boat-shaped, and carry the resemblance of the caraway seeds. There is a huge variety of cumins available in the market, and the most common among them is a brownish yellow colored seedling. Although you can buy other cumins like green colored and white-colored cumins.

Whole seeds versus the ground

Cumin is a commonly used item, and you can find it in the kitchen of every house as it is a very important ingredient of daily food. It is available in both whole seeds as well as the ground from, and you can easily get it from the market. The grounded cumin is basically made by grinding the dry roasted cumin seeds. Unlike the whole seed, it can be added to the recipe at any time.

On the other hand, the whole seed is added at the beginning of cooking the recipe. To get the most out of the flavor and aroma of the whole seed, it needs to be adequately roasted, and then the other spices are to be added.

Where to buy?

Most of us are well aware of the whereabouts of buying cumins, but it can be a confusing task for those who have never bought it. The cumin seeds are considered as spices and therefore, to buy it, you are supposed to look for it in the grocery sections of the stores.


If you are the one who does not use cumin seeds daily, then you can keep it in the freezer for a long period of time to preserve the flavor and aroma. Otherwise, the seedlings of the cumins cam are stored in a pantry for up to one year.